After reading the email saying Congratulations, you are selected… blah blah blah from HR! Now its decision time, take it or leave it?? You may have the BIG picture of company’s public profile, but what about culture fit?? Will you be contented?? How do you know it?? Reach out to ex-employees? The dilemma rises ….

When you were on your interview mission, your primary objective was to get an offer or get selected. Mission completed successfully, you got the offer, now you should do a reconnaissance on the company, the job and make sure that it’s a good fit.

How should you do it?

Operation “Mingle”

Identify your targets i.e. the potential colleagues, mingle with them, talk to them, get to know more about them, ask them about their career goals or objectives that they are trying to achieve in the organization, ask them “what makes it challenging to achieve ??”. Be alert, focus on the targets you meet. If you come across targets who are happy, motivated and who have been in the company for a long time then that’s a green flag.

Operation “Test Run”

When something like group meetings or brainstorming happens, pay close attention to how people in your team interact among each other, observe how they shoot ideas and how others accept it, are those ideas supportive or not. From these clues you can get to know whether the organization follows joined synergetic culture or a one-man show culture.

Operation “Boss on radar”

If your organization is very small or a start-up and if you fail to have that synchronization with your boss, then that’s a “May Day” or you are as good as dead. Collect and understand as all possible intel about him, do proper homework before you sign on. Having a healthy conversation with your boss can help you get more intel about him. You can shoot questions like “What’s the organization goal?” or “What does success look like in here?” and in the last you can push it a little further by asking “From this short period do you feel like congratulating me on something?” now pay close attention, if he tries to drift away from this conversation or shows less interest to get to know you better then that’s a dangerous red flag .

Operation “Outside Intel”

After completing the above checkpoints now its time to get behind curtain, take authentic reviews from people who knows more about the company and its culture. Tell them that you are trying to get a fuller picture of the company’s culture. Ask questions like “How is it to work there?”, “What are the company’s strength?”, “What kind of people they look for?”, “Why do people quit the organization or What kind of people they fire?”

Operation “Beyond the Offer”

Wide open your eyes and ears, look beyond the job contract. Investigate possible career paths, check if you are compatible in other functions. Never miss an opportunity to take part in any form of training and development, make sure that you attend all high potential training programs.

Operation “Introspective”

Once you have all the available intel, now its time for pressing the button, the button for soul searching. Think twice whether the organization will be hell or heaven for you. Ask yourself “Do I fit in?” At this moment instinct may be your pilot. Sometimes, life puts you in situation where you should believe in your judgements and make decisions accordingly.

Goodluck folks!

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