You think you are a procrastinator; no, you just have a habit of procrastinating. Here we are going to break that terrible habit using pure science.

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is nothing but a habit of delaying things which you have to do. If you are here reading this, that means procrastination is a part of your life and you are not happy with it. Procrastination, it’s like a virus on the computer which doesn’t let the computer work on its full potential, all you need is an antivirus.

The structure of procrastination

Like every habit, even procrastination has a trigger, pattern, and reward. As per the advanced research and studies conducted by many researchers and scholars around the globe, they discovered that the trigger for this habit is mostly stress and the pattern is that you keeping on pushing the task for tomorrow and that tomorrow never arrives until there is a negative pressure and finally the reward is stress relief which is has a very short life . Years and years of this practice makes you a pro in procrastination.

The only way out.

If you think you really are doing it without really wanting it, then it’s actually true because your conscious mind is the rational decision maker and it will never want you to get into trouble but there comes the importance of your subconscious mind which is a way too powerful than the conscious mind. This part of your mind does things which it is habituated to do as you have taken years and trained your subconscious to not do things and postpone it, So all that you have to do is train yourself to not postpone things.

For breaking the habit of procrastinating there are a lot of techniques described all over the internet, most of them basically deals with the trigger factor of stress but here we are going to leave the trigger factor stress and catch hold of the pattern which seems more practical and logical to me as its not an easy task to not get stressed when there are a lot of reasons to be stressed.

So, in here we have to break the pattern of avoiding the task, that eventually reduces the stress and ultimately you will break the pattern and when you get used to it there won’t be any more stress to trigger procrastination. Finally, you are going to find a total change in your energy level which will change your perspective on your life.

Here I’m going to explain a technique which is a little bit modified from the actual technique which I personally used to get over procrastination.

The Pomodoro technique

This technique of managing time was invented by Francesco Cirillo in the late 80s. In Pomodoro technique a timer is used to  break the task into intervals of 25 minutes separated by 5 minute break.

The fundamentals of this technique are planning, tracking, recording, processing and visualizing. It basically lets you analyze the amount of work that you have done and will let you understand the time which you have taken you to complete the task. As a reward of working for 25 minutes, you have to reward yourself with some rest. But most of the people only have an issue to start the task and they never go for their break, well that’s completely depended on personal choice.

There are a few Pomodoro timer apps available in the market are


Pomodone App 

Goodtime: Productivity Timer and Time Management


Wrap up

Don’t forget that it’s a habit, so the only way it break this loop is “Fake it till you make it”

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