If you are reading this then you might be a Marvel fan, there won’t be a single marvel fan who haven’t seen any of the Avengers movie and I know you are no different. We all know how Avengers defended earth from alien attack, hydra and Thanos. That’s what they are good at “Saving the planet”. One of the greatest villain who shows up in our life now a days is “Lack of Investing & Savings”. Now you might be thinking “What Avengers had to do with it ??”. Well, other than saving the planet, they can also teach you how to invest & save few bucks!

Captain America

We’ll start with cap since he is the 1st Avenger & the team leader. Other than having great strength & speed he is loyal, caring & trustworthy to his friends, and yes that includes Bucky too. When the entire universe believed that Bucky was the villain, cap stood for him, trusted him and watched his back. Following your instincts, patience, believing in fundamentals & decisions can be useful in investing.

Moral: Trust yourself and follow the fundamentals.


This hammer dude was bloody rich and would never run out of cash, he was leading a luxury life in Asgard. Days were so good until one sudden day he lost his hammer. It was too late when he realised that he underestimated the power of his sister. Thor is more like cap when it comes to trusting people and that’s where he went wrong, he trusted his sister blindly without a second thought.

Moral: Do proper research before investing.


Remember the first armour suit that Tony Stark made to escape the cave?? Yes, I am referring to the grey bulky and ugly looking suit that he made first, if you have watched the latest movies then you will get to know that his suit evolved a lot. That evolving never happened in a single day, it’s a result of a long trial & error process. He made many types of suite instead of concentrating on the first one.

Moral: Its better to diversify when you invest and be insured, it’s the only defence you have.

Dr Strange

Before discovering the Eye of Agamotto and becoming a great wizard Doctor Stephen Strange was a skilled neurosurgeon. He wrecked his hand in a car accident and it almost made him bankrupt and broke. He spends money as fast as he can make it. One of his friend Mr Christine Palmer made a statement as much in the Doctor Strange film, explaining, “Stephen, now you’re spending money you don’t even have.”

Moral: Always prepare for the worst. There aren’t any risk free Investments!


He is both muscles and brains and too much of green. When you are blessed with the best possible combination of super qualities, finding the key to control and balance it matters. When ever the green guy comes out, things go a little worse and bad thing happen. The same can happen to your portfolio if there is no balance in it.

Moral: too much of anything is good for nothing.

Black Panther

T’Challa a.k.a Black Panther & the mighty king of Wakanda had a family heirloom of Vibranium worth $90 trillion dollars. His parent’s untimely death never affected his financial security. His parents were clever and conservative inverters, they exposed & made Black Panther know about all the Wakandan resources and riches.

Moral: Being conservative and having a good real estate planning can preserve your investment and family’s fortune. Wakanda savings!


Yes, size does matters! Sometimes being small can be powerful like how Ant-man and so are recurring deposits.

Moral: Investing lakhs & crores sound mission impossible, but Rs 2000 per month sounds like a pan.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff, S.H.I.E.L.D’s flexible athletic ballerina and an Ex-Russian Spy. Great flexibility at top notch athletic skills make her an Avenger.

Lesson: Risk is unavoidable, being flexible is crucial in financial planning & investing


Spidy a.k.a Peter Parker, is blessed with many super human abilities. In addition to that he designed a small mechanical web shooter that complements his powers. He swings around the city and shoots web using the tiny device he made.

Moral: Don’t depend too much on your financial expert, understand your product and try to make your own moves and see you transform.



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