Ferrari is the ultimate symbol of wealth or douchebaggery depending on your personal taste.

Ferraris have been the world renounced top luxury sports car brand for almost eight decades ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to a whooping seventy million dollars. Ferrari is an ultimate status symbol.

But why in the world are Ferraris so damn expensive??

Ferrari was founded by Enzo Ferrari who created a racing car manufacturing plant way back in 1921. Initially Ferrari had no interest in building road automobiles or cars to use outside of a race track. He focused exclusively on building the finest racing cars. With the outbreak of the second world war Ferrari left the world of race cars and created a manufacturing company that specialised in building aircrafts. Enzo Ferrari couldn’t resist his old urge for fast cars, he had a prototype built “Tipo 815”.

Eventually the allies bombarded Ferrari’s factory. After the war the factory was rebuilt to focus on regular automobiles. Enzo Ferrari grudgingly agreed to build commercial cars. He still had his racing team “Scuderia Ferrari”. Scuderia Ferrari was one of the team with the most successful in history winning numerous Grand Prix events.

Enzo Ferrari’s craze for fast cars kicked him back to the business making super fast luxury sports automobile. His racing team had a good fame and he was able to charge a hefty premium for his cars, a practice that lasts till this day. Why Ferraris are so expensive should be immediately obvious, when you buy a Ferrari a large part of the cost goes towards you in effect licensing the legendary Ferrari name to your personal life.

Ferrari is a global status symbol and when you buy a Ferrari it doesn’t matter what street in the world you drive it on, everyone in the street would know that you have a ton of cash. You may not be a legendary race car driver with a nerve of steel, once you are behind the wheel of a Ferrari none of that matters, you will immediately join the club with elite race car drivers and probably end up wrecking your brand-new Ferrari like how disturbingly large number of owners do. That’s the other thing about Ferrari, they are known as super cars for a reason. They pack more horsepower into a vehicle that any civilian in the world actually need. The 2016 LaFerrari is loaded with a revving 963 horsepower and can accelerate from 0 to 100 Kmph in 2.5 seconds. Ferrari itself warrant against inexperienced drivers purchasing their vehicles.

Another reason why Ferraris are so expensive is that they don’t mass produce vehicles, in fact if Ferrari started mass producing, its total brand value would fall because it’s just not cool to have the same toy that million other people have. Ferrari owners are not just buying artificial personalities with their car, they are buying into elite exclusivity and being exclusive is kind of mandatory in the world of the 1 percent. This skyrocketed the price.

The way Ferraris are made is another reason for the high price tag. Normal cars made for normal people are made in large factories in a long assembly line where machines and robots put the car piece by piece. Ferraris on the other hand are hand crafted. Each part of the vehicle is built by the master craftsman using only the finest machine tools.

Ferrari can pretty much set its own price and the 1% will beg Ferrari for the opportunity to buy their super car. When money is no object the only thing that matters is status and its hard to beat the status of owning a Ferrari!



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