India: Moon, Mars and beyond!

ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization, is India’s premier space research and exploration agency, headquartered in the city of Bengaluru established in 1969. The modern space program received an impetus with the the leadership of Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai, also known as ‘Father of Indian Space Programme’. His vision was supported Read more…


Why is Ferrari so expensive?

Ferrari is the ultimate symbol of wealth or douchebaggery depending on your personal taste. Ferraris have been the world renounced top luxury sports car brand for almost eight decades ranging from a few hundred thousand dollars to a whooping seventy million dollars. Ferrari is an ultimate status symbol. But why Read more…

By Vishnu S Manoj, ago

Is Google dying?

Would you believe it If I say you that 90% of Google’s revenue is from the data it collects from users ? When Steve Jobs released iPhone guaranteeing data privacy, many android users switched from Android phones to them. But, have you ever wondered why there is an issue of Read more…

By Bilna Jayan, ago